Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black bean soup

Even though Phoenix is not getting it (it's been in the upper 70s), it is winter time, which means it's Crock Pot time!  I have made plenty of roasts and stews in the CP, but I've never made a soup, so I decided to try one.  I had some dry black beans in the pantry that I'd been itching to use, so I went for a black bean soup.

I soaked 1 pound of beans overnight, then the next morning I added them to the Crock Pot.  I added diced onions, celery, half a bell pepper (leftover from another recipe, diced and frozen!), and diced tomatoes.  Then I added a bunch of greens - I basically used up whatever I had in my fridge - mustard greens, arugula, spinach, not even sure what else!  Then in a bowl I combined spices - cumin, celery seed and turmeric - with chicken broth, and poured it into the CP.  I added enough broth that it did not quite cover the greens.  This made the greens nice and steamed but not super soggy.  I cooked it on Low while I was at work, about 9 hours, and when I got home I stirred it all together.  I had some leftover roasted greens and quinoa from prior meals, so I added those in too, and cooked it on Low for another half hour or so.  Then I served it with grated white cheddar cheese and toast.

It came out really well!  There is a subtle flavor of mustard greens and spices, but it's definitely a black bean soup.  It also made quite a lot of leftovers, and tasted just as good reheated.

I can't wait to try more soups in the CP!  And I've found that a soup is a great way to use up all those greens that can pile up from the CSA if you aren't using them.  They added color and nutrients without changing the flavor much.  Good idea if you have kids or other family members who aren't good about eating their greens!

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