Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter season, week 3 veggies

Wow I love winter veggies!  We got a great CSA bag this week:

We got:
- the world's biggest turnip
- 2 grapefruit
- a bag of "queen red turnip" that are sweeter than standard turnips and supposed to be great in salads (can't wait to try them!)
- a bunch of arugula flowers (can't wait to try them either!)
- a large bag of dill
- a bunch of carrots, including 2 wrapped around each other
- 3 radishes
- a bag of broccoli raab
- a bag of kale
- a bag of spinach
- a huge bag with 2 heads of red lettuce

Wow that's a lot of food!  We better get eating!

I had to share a closeup of the 2 "lovers" carrots that grew around each other:

So cute!  I almost don't want to eat them.

And I have to share a closeup of how enormous this turnip is!  Here it is next to 2 normal sized grapefruit:

It weighs over 2 pounds!  There will definitely be a blog post when we cook that one up.


  1. Oh good, I have NO idea what you would do with a turnip!

  2. Julie - you can pretty much do anything with a turnip that you would do with a potato. I am mildly obsessed with turnips! I still have a lot to try with them though, so far I've just roasted or grilled them.