Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grilled sausage and peppers

I did not actually use any CSA veggies in this recipe, but I did use peppers from the farmer's market, so I figured it is close enough!  At the farmer's market last weekend I saw a bunch of beautiful peppers of all colors, so I bought 1 each in yellow, red and green.  Sausage and peppers is one of my favorite foods so I decided to make that with my lovely peppers.  This was a pretty easy meal.  First I started the sausage - I decided to grill it but that can take a little time, so I started them by putting them in a deep skillet covered in water at a light simmer for about 10 minutes, then transferred them to the grill.  I grilled them on a medium-low flame for 15-20 minutes, but this was actually too much, probably only 10-15 minutes would have been better.  While they were cooking, I cut all 3 peppers into long strips, and also sliced a medium sized onion.  I sauteed the peppers and onions in the skillet until they were soft, and added in some Italian seasonings and black pepper.

I took the sausages off the grill,
and sliced them into 3/4 inch pieces, and added them to the skillet with the peppers and onions.  I put a lid on the skillet with the heat on low and let the flavors all come together for 5-10 minutes.
It was a very pretty meal!  Traditionally you would eat sausage and peppers on a nice thick Italian roll, but in the interest of saving carbs and calories I ate them just like this.  Except for the slightly overcooked sausage, it was great.  I had enough for 3 meals, and it tasted just as good leftover.  When cooking for 1 or 2, it is very important to find things that taste great leftover!

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